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fulmo is open source bug reporting tool which works speedy, simple and easy to use. fulmo is produced by OpenGroove, inc. fulmo is a tool for quality management teams, testers and developers. With fulmo, you can report bugs of web applications quickly. fulmo works as add-on of Google Chrome and Firefox.

fulmo is under 2-clause BSD license.

How fulmo works?

How to install fulmo

Since we are preparing to list on official FF, Chrome sites, click below buttons to install add-on.


Features to be implemented

fulmo does not have full features yet. Features to be implemented are,

How to use fulmo

  1. install fulmo to your browser
  2. setup options to connect your BTS
  3. click "fulmo" and send screenshot to fulmo



What does "fulmo" mean?

fulmo means lighting, thunder, spark and brainstorm.

What does fulmo icon represent?

fulmo icon represents thunder.

I want to edit screenshot.

With the future version of fulmo, you can edit screenshow on the fly.

With which BTS, fulmo can work?

fulmo can work with following BTSs currently and more with the future version.

With the future version of fulmo, you can edit screenshow on the fly.

I want to send screenshot to the other application.

Please wait for the future version.

How can I use fulmo with Internet Explorer?

There is no fulmo add-on for IE.

How can I check source?

Which version of browsers are supported?

Browsers and versions

How can I ask questions?

Contact form